Errata – Machseh Lajesoumim

Machseh Lajesoumim – A Jewish Orphanage in the City of Leiden  1890-1943
Important Errata and Addenda
Smaller errors and typo’s are kept separately by the author.

november 2022


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Page No.

55 Fig. 4.14:   48 is Reina Segal, 49 is Frieda Lichtenbaum. Please apply correction in the book
65 Ruth Liffman => Ruth Liffmann
72 Fig. 5.5 It has been suggested that No. 8 could be Juul Beem
73 Figure 5.6 caption: remove “photo taken by Mimi Weiman at the back of the building”
73 Figure 5.6: No 31 Maurits Levie: remove question mark
79 Comment by Mr Eli Schaap (New York), pers. comm. Nov. 2021): “My grandfather owned a milk and cheese store; not a butcher shop. He was very well connected in the Orthodox Jewish community, and he probably was indeed able to get kosher meat for the orphanage during WWII. Also, most of my grandmother’s family (Naatje Keizer) were kosher butchers in Zwolle and Utrecht which may also have provided a connection for securing kosher meat.”
90 Fig. 5.20 First boy from right: possibly Gemmi Liebfreund. Difficult to confirm without more photographs.
92 reference to Gerda Meijer’s report: remove, replace with GFH Archives
97 remove footnote 3: (duplication with text)
105 Fig 6.4 enemy nationals: replace with “foreign nationals”.
158 Fig 7.9 caption: translation below should be: translation above
190 Fig. 8.6  Philip is listed as  No 37: should be No. 36.
199 See comment by Mr Eli Schaap (New York), separate page
207 line 18 east should be “west”
221 Comment by Mrs Marij vd Kroft: “Betsy did not follow her husband to Germany but remained in Limburg”.
254 Comment by Mr Eli Schaap (New York): “The Hachsjara Agudah places in the Netherlands were probably part of Poalei Agudah and were indeed anti-Zionist. However, the Mizrachi movement consisted of Orthodox Jews who were in general fully supportive of Zionism. … I believe Nathan Italie was most likely a member of the Mizrahi movement. His wife Sara certainly was.”
292 Comment by Mr Eli Schaap: “Ilana Wijler told me that Gerda Meijer and her husband did not stay in the successful dairy farm in Beit Yitzhak but moved to a city.”
328 Vega, Maurits Alvares DoD 25-2-1943 should be 25-1-1943
348 Feniger, Harry: remove reference to Fig. 5.18
349 Kloos, Ludwig: remove ref. to  Fig. 4.15
350 Rozeveld, Herman: Fig. reference (4.14 should be 4.15)